Metro exodus return to base stuck

The Caspian is the seventh overall level featured in Metro Exodusand the second of the open world levels. Dealing with the fallout from Mount Yamantauthe Aurora heads south in search of the Caspian-1 facility. Several months after their encounter with the cannibals at Mt Yamantauthe Aurora heads south into Kazakhstanand to the Caspian Seawhere Miller hopes to find the Caspian-1 Satellite Control Center.

As the Aurora is passing a ruined hamlet, a vehicle races by, with two bandits audibly shouting at the train and using a radio. Coming to a stop at a nearby train station, Miller orders all available hands to the deck, however only ArtyomDamirAnna and Krest are in fighting form, whilst the rest are sick.

Miller orders Artyom to double back to the ruins to find traces of the van they saw and find any signs that point to the communications center, whilst Anna and Damir are ordered to search for fuel and water. Artyom makes his way through a sudden sandstorm to the ruins, where he finds a bandit outpost being besieged by Humanimals. Fighting his way through, Artyom is confronted on the roof by the leader of the outpost and the owner of the vanwhom Artyom can either kill or subdue.

Artyom is set upon by a large group of Humanimals when approaching the van, but is assisted by Damirwho came to offer support to Artyom after the sandstorm.

He informs Artyom of the location of a nearby Radar Array that may give clues to the location of the communications center. Rather than travelling across the hot desert on foot, Artyom utilizes the bandits van to make his way to the next location.

metro exodus return to base stuck

In the distance Artyom is able to see the dried out Caspian Sealittered with the rusting husks of container ships and along with a dilapidated lighthouse situated on the same island formation where the Radar Array is located. Miller radios into both Artyom and Damirtelling them to get to the lighthouse as soon as possible.

A local woman named Giul is being besieged by bandits and has offered Miller information on the facility in return for helping her against the Munai-bailer. Artyom makes his way through a heavily booby-trapped cave system to flank the attackers from the rear, where Giul reveals to him the local bandits are the Munai-Bailer, the oil riggers who lay claim to the area and have a tight grip on the water and fuel sources, as well as enslaving the local populace.

Giul guides Artyom to the communications facility located below the lighthouse, she reveals to him that her mother was an officer at the facility and she lived there at the outbreak of the war. After turning the auxiliary power on, Giul stays at the entrance to keep the power running and wait for Damir to arrive. Going deep underground, Artyom finds the facility in bad shape, with Spiderbugs having created a nest for themselves as well as toxic air seeping in from cracks in the walls.

Artyom eventually finds the satellite maps deep within the heart of the facility and meets up with Giul and Damir at the entrance to the facility. Giul informs the two about the Baronthe leader of the Munai-bailerand how he has set up shop on the oil rig across the bay from the lighthouse. Damir tells Artyom that Anna is nearby awaiting assistance and that Miller is expecting him at the train station.

Artyom is then free to explore the landscape and undertake several optional objectives for Annawho has set up a sniper's nest in the wreck of an old ship. Back at the station, Miller tasks Idiot with decoding the maps and reveals AlyoshaStepan and Duke are all down with heat stroke and will not last much longer. He then tasks Artyom and Damir to infiltrate the local water source and obtain water for the crew and the train. Artyom rendezvous with Damir at an abandoned village built into a cave system.

Damir laments the fact that they did not arrive sooner to help his people, and notes that they devolved rapidly after the war, creating cave paintings more akin to neanderthals.

They make their way through a large underground settlement but are soon faced with hordes of Humanimals. As they fight their way through, they exit the cave system near a giant underground well, where the Munai-bailer use slaves to extract the water. The duo split up, with Damir aiming for a large water tank truckand Artyom going for the gate controls.

As he opens the gates, Damir drives the truck out of the compound, with Artyom leaping on top to make a quick getaway. Damir remarks that they are not being followed as Artyom drifts off to sleep on the drive back to the station. Waking some hours later, Artyom is caught up in the middle of a firefight between the crew of the Aurora and Munai-bailer bandits.

They are no match for the Spartansbut Millertired of being stuck in the Caspiankick starts plans to leave. With enough water to get the crew back into fighting form, and to fill the tanks of the Aurora, Miller tasks DamirArtyom and Giul to infiltrate the Baron's fortress and steal a rail car full of fuel.

Once again Artyom and Damir rendezvous near the oil rig, with Giul stating it would be easier to infiltrate the facility through the tunnels leading to the slave quarters. Artyom infiltrates the facility, going through the kennels, and a fighting arena before meeting back up with Damir, who reveals Giul has gone AWOL, and they are unable to open the gates.

Over the loudspeaker, the Baron invites Artyom up to the rig with a proposition. The bandits are cautious, but allow Artyom safe passage, where he witnesses brutality towards the slaves and the engineering capabilities of the Munai-bailer as well the various vices and women they indulge themselves in.

Reaching the top, Artyom is greeted into the lavish quarters of the Baron, with slaves and concubines on hand.Family is thicker than thieves. Regardless, the point here is that surrounding yourself with people you love — or, at least, individuals with whom you can easily resolve petty conflicts — is important.

Rather than wander the dangerous subway and wastelands between outposts on foot, series protagonist Artyom has the Russian equivalent of a VW Camper van to travel across the world of Metro. Artyom uses this steel-clad monstrosity to make a continent-spanning journey in this third Metro game. Which upcoming PC games are you most looking forward to?

While the train will be just an engine at the beginning, the group aboard it will find and attach more carriages over the course of their year-long trip.

The most reductive reading of the train is that it represents little more than a mobile version of the settlements from the first two Metro games. But it actually has the potential to profoundly alter the character of the series. Indeed, the notion of family — and home — is ever present in the level we play.

metro exodus return to base stuck

At the start of it, our train is halted in the middle of a vast, snow-covered area by a rudimentary ambush. The culprits scarper after a short exchange of fire, and then work begins on clearing the line. After that we trek across to the other side of the map, panickedly brain some Watchers when they leap out from some wrecked cars, make our way through a destroyed factory filled with distressingly quick humanoid enemies, then clamber up a crane in order to reach an engineer called Krest.

The mother, daughter, and Krest can all be recruited and join your travelling party. All of this feeds into a sense of familial warmth which makes the coldly contrasting wastelands all the more foreboding and lonely. Back to Top. Promoted How Rainbow Six Siege breached the world of esports.

Who are the biggest female streamers?This portion of the Walkthrough will help you navigate the area and deal with a new enemy the Mutant Spider. Follow this woman and go down the stairs into the area that will open into the com center. Spiders will shrivel up and die when exposed to light so keep your flashlight on at all times. But remember, it will lose its charge after a while.

If nothing else, your lighter is an option too! Crouch down and crawl through it. Use your lighter to burn those spiderwebs. Move forward as far as you can. Use your melee attack to break it.

Again, make sure your flashlight is on. Break it with your melee attack. From here, turn right and head into the room with lockers and a desk. Drop down into the hole in the floor. Turn on the lantern lamp on the desk. Take a moment to charge up your flashlight and then burn any webs in your way. Head to the next room door is right behind the desk. You will, however, need to kill them. When a Spider approaches you and your flashlight is lit it will quickly scurry away.

Pursue it until the light fries them to a crisp.

The Metro Exodus train will have horrifying consequences

Once both Spiders are dead you can continue safely. Go into the room up ahead and turn on the power.Leave Olga's tower and follow the path. Use the ladder to go down - you will come across pirates' hideout. Decide whether you want to kill them all or steal a boat without attracting attention. Your choice determines the chapter's ending - if you want to have a happy ending for Alyosha, choose the stealth approach. There are only a few enemies here - they shouldn't be a threat. A few accurate shots will be enough to kill them.

metro exodus return to base stuck

Go to the lever and open the gate. Go down and get inside the boat. Use covers to eliminate enemies without being noticed. If you just run around, they will spot you instantly and raise the alarm. The most difficult part here is to reach the lever. To do that, reach the upper floor first. Keep stunning enemies - the majority of them is standing with their backs turned toward you. After using the lever, reach the bottom floor quietly and start moving towards the boat.

If you stunned the majority of the enemies, you don't encounter any enemies on your way. Swim forward - you will come across a few statues depicting humans.

Reach the shore and move forward. You see a monster. The Admiral tells you to avoid using firearms. Don't worry, he is bluffing - shoot the creature. Enter the old warehouse and use the fuse box.

Turns out that the power was cut off - you need to bring it back. Leave the building. Use thermal goggles and then go behind the warehouse. You see cables leading from the fuse box - follow them.This chapter in our guide to Metro Exodus focuses on Artyom's journey to the undergrounds. The main character hopes to find up-to-date satellite maps.

You encounter creatures looking like a cross between a scorpion and a spider. These monsters are afraid of light because it deals them damage. Use your flashlight to make the enemies stop chasing you. Be very careful - these enemies need only a short moment to attack you from behind. Recharge your flashlight in rooms with sources of light. Move to corridor 01 and crawl to reach the other side.

metro exodus return to base stuck

Go down the stairs and then through the door. Get into the hole in the ground. Wear your gas mask. You will encounter more of these creatures - don't waste your ammo, only light can kill them.

Reach the fuse box and use the generator to turn the light on. Damir will call you. From now on, the man will be giving various messages. Go through the door, the one next to 03 number. Go down - you will reach a room with a large number of screens. Go down the corridor and enter the bathroom.

Eliminate the enemies and move forward. You reach blocked door - Damir tells you that the entrance is blocked from inside. Turn around and go left. You come across a skeleton holding a photo. Take it - you will give the photo to Giul.

Go through the second entrance. Eliminate more monsters. After that, look for an air duct - go inside it. You will encounter more enemies. Watch your back. Jump down to the command room. Pick up the satellite map. Use the valve to open the door and go through it. The rooms' layout is the same as before - the only difference is that now some of the rooms are dark.

This attracted the attention of numerous spider-monsters. Use the flashlight and stick to the walls. Your goal is to reach the lift - it is located in the room with a lot of screens. Go inside it and reach the upper floor. You reunite with Giul and Damir. Follow the man - the light should keep the monsters away from you. One of the monsters will manage to attack you - defeat it in a QTE sequence.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Store Page. Metro Exodus Store Page. Global Achievements. Hey - recently my save corrupted right at Return to Base at what Im pretty sure is the end of " return to volga " when returning back to base, there is nobody and nobody talks to me, I have tried reloading restarting sleeping you name it but unfortunately it still wont load. Thank you. Last edited by eatyourheartout ; 19 Feb, am.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments. I have contacted 4A games thru email.

Return to Base Metro Exodus Quest

What are the chances they will help me fix this? I'm in the same boat, as many others are I guess. TBH I don't think they'll help you. You could send them your save, but I doubt they will spend time to fix individual saves. Maybe they'll take a look what went wrong and will be able to prevent it in the future. Won't help us now I know :P I'm also searching for a save from the Volga chapter, got a corrupt quick and autosave after getting the teddy bear for the child.

Did a lot of exploring before that, so I definetly lost quite some hours now Guess I'll just restart the chapter but still, if anyone has a quick or autosave shortly before or after I'd really be happy. I just had my save corrupt in New Game Plus. Right after loading into the Volga chapter.

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All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.From time to time at Metro Exodus you will go through missions titled Winter, Spring, etc. The following section of this guide discusses the first stage of this type - the Winter. In the beginning, you will have quite a discussion about the current situation with the rest of the crew.

Among other things, you will learn about the "war" between Russia and the rest of the world. After all, you can approach the map and choose another destination, or spend some time searching for the train.

In the next cars, you can stop to listen to additional dialogues, light a cigarette or look for additional notes. Moments such as these, reinforce immersion quite well and lengthen the gameplay. When you are ready to go back to the map and set off to Volga. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

The Caspian (Metro Exodus Level)

Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Metro Exodus Guide. Winter - Aurora. Table of Contents. Going through tunnels Celebrating the New Year Going after the map and blind monsters. Secrets and trophies. Diary pages Trophies achievements. Metro Exodus: Sam's Story. How to get the good ending? Harmonica melodies Diary notes Night Stashes. Game guide. Starting tips Characters Mutants Factions How to obtain resources? Weapons and combat. Weapons basics Types of weapons in Metro Exodus How to get ammo?

How to clean weapons? How to get gas mask filters? How do I get upgrades for armor, helmet and gas mask? Will Artyom die in Metro Exodus? How do the morality system work? How to make everyone survive?

How to save Duke's life? How to save Damir's life? How to save Alyosha's life? How to find the real Baron?


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