Heym sr21 rifle

Created jtemplate joomla templates. What to expect from your Deer Stalking month by month. Enter your email address below to receive the Almanac:. The trend in recent years has been for regular deer stalkers and professional deer managers to acquire synthetic stocked rifles with stainless or coated actions.

The practicality of such features to the all-weather stalker are clear. More importantly, when your rifle is the tool of your trade, its most important attributes other than accuracy of course are resistance to the elements and ease of care and maintenance.

But what if your heart rules your head and you find yourself yearning for that special rifle in walnut and blue? Modern, mass produced rifles are, on the whole, more than up to the task the Sako 85 in wood and blue being a fine example but the chances are that for such a rifle you may hanker after something a little different from the norm.

For many of us a SauerMauser or Blaser are not quite within budget or not quite justifiable! Walnut; check. Blue; check. Handbuilt; check. Affordable; check. It ticks all the boxes. I got my hands on one of these fine German rifles in. The comb is straight and the pistol grip has a generous length of pull which is pleasing when in the trigger. The addition of a palm swell on the pistol grip could make for even better ergonomics but this is a minor point.

With high quality hand-chequered grip panels on the fore-end sides and pistol grip and a slim recoil pad, the SR21 is a thing of understated beauty.

heym sr21 rifle

Heym also offer the SR21 in a synthetic stock. The material just felt wrong; very hard with no tactile feedback. Cycle the bolt on a factory Remington and you will feel lateral play. Cycle the bolt on a Sako and you will be impressed with the smooth feel and lockup. The Heym is even better with the bolt gliding down the raceway to lock positively with three lugs. This smooth and positive action is a result of each part being hand finished to fit its neighbour. The fluted bolt on the test rifle featured a wooden bolt knob, but you can specify plain blued steel or opt for an engraved approach if you wish.

The bolt is released via a catch at the left rear which is easy to operate - no fumbling around the trigger guard required.

The slender, bedded, free floating barrel is cold hammered from legendary Krupp-Special barrel steel and finished in a deep blue.

heym sr21 rifle

The rifle is fed by a three-round magazine in. Another interesting point to consider about this rifle is the ease of calibre change.A traditional, stylish rifle with an enviable degree of finish, this model is accurate and reliable and will last you a lifetime, says Bruce Potts.

Bruce rests on a tree but despite the Heym's length with moderator fitted it was rock steady Credit: J Potts. Heym manages to blend seamlessly the art of rifle-smithing and modern manufacture, presenting its guns with an enviable degree of finish. The SR21 rifle has undergone a few modifications from traditional Sporter to classic English styling and lightweight Concorde version, but still has the feel of a fine handmade gun.

The Heym SR21 rifle, in the classic style, has a blued steel finish and high-grade walnut stock, and it is chambered for the 7x57mm cartridge — a superb all-rounder.

The rifle features a low lift silky smooth bolt as as well as a good Leica scope and Warne mounts. It is a well-built rifle, with Heym undertaking all the manufacturing processes in-house at its Suhl factory in Thuringia, central Germany, founded in This includes the manufacture of the barrel, a key part of any rifle, ensuring Heym owners can enjoy a high degree of accuracy and longevity from it. Blued steel is not as popular these days with more people favouring the weather-resistant qualities of stainless steel, but there are still plenty of shooters who prefer the finish.

Add to this a high-grade walnut stock with flowing lines and you have a fine-looking rifle. The action is smooth, too, operating like a Swiss watch. The detachable magazine and set trigger unit gives the user all they need to conclude a stalk successfully. Overall impressions are favourable due to the obvious high degree of engineering and attention to detail. You cannot but admire the finish that Heym has on its rifles. The high shine and lustre of a quality blued action and steel is still a thing of beauty and so long as it is kept oiled the depth of this bluing should last very well.

This allows a short lift and larger surface to lock the bolt into the action and they always seem to run smoothly. The Heym SR21 rifle has a small bolt knob but a very precise three-position safety. It is a chunky bolt, machined from solid steel billet, with a length of 7. The sprung plunger ejector is positive and ejects spent cases a good way.

Forward red dot means ready to fire; fully rearward large white dot the bolt and trigger are locked. In a halfway position small white dot the trigger is safe but the bolt can be operated.

Heym still fits a set trigger option, which lightens the trigger-pull when the trigger-blade is pushed forward, but this one needed adjustment as it made it heavier.

With the standard trigger-pull you have 3. I do like the all-metal detachable magazine that fits flush to the action body and is ejected via a push lozenge grooved button recessed into the stock. The Warne mounts are great, securing your scope to the rifle via a separate ring and base system.

The barrel is slim at 23in long, with muzzle diameter of only 0. The rifling twist on this Heym is typical for a 7x57mm chambering at 1 in 9in so bullet weights up to gr to gr could be used.

However, as with many 7x57mm rifles, they seem to work best with gr projectiles and these are better suited to British deer anyway. First, the Norma Oryx gr, which offers good penetration and accuracy.

heym sr21 rifle

In this Heym I had 1. Yes they are quite light, but they penetrate well then expand to dump their kinetic energy inside the beast. Accuracy was 0. A Hornady gr V-Max bullet, quite fast expanding and flat shooting with a load of Slightly heavier gr Nosler Ballistic Tips are always good with a new load of Our expert at Sporting Gun advises: A: Well, your budget is decent.

A yard shot from the Heym SR21 dropped the roebuck with ease. April began just as the rifle arrived, so I headed to the woods after roebuck.

Heym SR21 rifle and scope combo

It is in the woods that you appreciate the attributes of any rifle. The fixed sling swivels are the old-fashioned type and I prefer the quick-detachable variety, so, rather annoyingly, I had no sling fitted.

This would attract the roe away from the fields that they had fed on in the winter months and soon the first one appeared; a cracking buck we had spotted during his velvet-clad months and now close to being clean.SOLD 5, Did you win this item?

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For over years, Heym has made some of the world's finest firearms. The SR 21 features Heyms 3-locking lug, 60 degree bolt and a match grade hammer-forged barrel. While modern CNC machining is employed to produce parts with exacting accuracy, it alone is no substitute for the files, the trained eye and experience needed to maintain tolerances that are measured in the thickness of a layer of smoke.

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Well-known hunting rifles and a horizontal tee-type widespread during the last decades of the nineteenth — early twentieth centuries from the company Heim in Europe and Russia. They were the prototype and symbol of reliability, quality factor, quality and reliability of small arms and civil weapons. Despite the fact that the middle of the last century, particularly the period after the Second world war was quite dangerous crisis time for the company, which lasted long enough, management was able to do the impossible.

Thus, the German gunsmiths were able to maintain the status of the brand. Mark was one of the leaders of arms of the world level in Germany and Europe.

HEYM USA 2018 Rifle Collection

Real, fair competition has allowed the company not only make great hunting weapons, to track the trend of world level, to implement the operational response to the current fluctuations in demand on the market.

Overview of the rifle Heym SR A true global leader as is always true German approach literally to every detail. The hallmark of the Neum carbine SR as is always the subtle charm of modesty and clarity of every detail from the shape of the butt to the trigger mechanism. In addition, the manufacturer is famous for the exceptional quality of materials and very reasonable price.

The weapon is distinguished by conservatism technological solutions that fundamentally is a leading priority for the buyer. Advantages and disadvantages. Hunting enthusiasts and lovers of sport shotgun shooting note the many advantages of weapons — good exterior design, nice slide mechanism, well-researched barrel, open sight system, excellent German optics, three position safety.

Users consider the disadvantages:. Exclusively a hunting version of the weapon for almost all kinds of animals that live in the vast expanses of our Motherland.

Practical Germans could not be better adapted your rifle for the needs of our hunters and those who like to travel through forests, meadows and swamps. New Heym SR gave the best performance, as they say — has everything that is allowed within the law, from goose to moose and bear.

The manufacturer of a hunting rifle Heym SR in the configuration of N can be offered in three types of caliber guns:. In short we can say that the Russian buyer can purchase a range of calibers — Winchester. Mass dealers for some reason are not interested in gauges.

GmbH Germany 2 Figure caliber. Structural solution — a simple operational module consists of a replaceable barrel, a receiver, a spacious store and the trigger mechanism. Included with the carbine SR included a passport for a weapon, the license of the company for the production of the rifled small sample, quality certificate, user manual and maintenance. On the domestic market the rifles come with a Russian translation of documents, in a disassembled state, without ammunition, in oiled cloth and fastened with branded box.

The principle of operation and disassembly of the rifle Heym model SR are listed below. The principle of operation and disassembly. The price and the reviews on the rifle Heym SR are listed below. The owners of German carbine noted that well-designed the barrel, the passage of the shutter in the receiver smooth, with no pauses or delays. Interchangeable barrels is easy and simple to reinstall, even without special skills, they are qualitatively weighted and centreway.

In this brand of rifles to save on the little things professionals consider inappropriate.Very nice figured wood. A classic high quality European hunting rifle. Made in Germany, features include iron sights, sling swivels and Walnut stock. Comes complete with a Swarovski 6 x 42 scope and mounts. This package represents lots of gun for the money.

All applications approved online within minutes! Check out Braces full stock list at www. Oil finished pistol grip stock fitted with a large rubber Pachmayr heel pad, the stock has been finished with a plain blued grip cap and rosewood style…. A real quality rifle. Purchase with confidence from a family run business with…. A brilliant example of a Heym SR 21, with a great walnut stock and the blueing still looking great!

heym sr21 rifle

A fantastic rifle for not a lot of money and you get a decent peice of walnut which is well finished compared to some of its competitors.

Heym do all the manufacturing in their factory in Germany. Tough polymer molded synthetic pistol grip stock fitted with a slim rubber pad, blued bolt set alongside a replacement 23" standard weight barrel which…. SR21 Classic. Wood stock and forend. Blued barrel threaded M14x1. Set trigger. Wood stock and fiorend. This beautiful new German rifle comes with a Monte Carlo stockdetachable magazine and is screw cut for a moderator.

Forgot your password? Advert Login Register. Heym Rifles for sale Guns Rifles Heym. Items per page: 10 25 50 New Staffordshire Trade Seller. Next Prev. All fields are required.A rifle I had long had my eye on, it was also in one of my favourite calibres. I was excited and had high expectations. I was eager to see if my relatively uninformed opinion would stand true today under closer inspection. As many manufacturers did in this era, Heym produced Mauser-type sporting rifles for some time, including refurbishing wartime actions.

It then began utilising FN-Mauser actions in its rifles before moving on to produce its own SR action.

Heym SR21 Classic

This came about largely as a result of having a contract with Mauser cancelled, leaving the company with a large quantity of unused components. The management at Heym decided to create the SR20 after making a few changes to the design.

Along with the evolution of bolt-action rifles, the company is also very well known for producing excellent double and combination rifles. When I freed the rifle from its box, my initial reaction was one of delight. It was the best looking rifle I had tested in over a year, and it felt satisfyingly familiar in the hand. The slender stock lines were sexy, and the dark wood had a feel of old-fashioned quality.

On top of that, it was chambered in one of my all-time favourite stalking calibres. I was already wondering if I would allow the rifle to leave once I was finished. It lacked the deep, highly polished bluing found on high-end rifles, and the more modern move towards matt bead-blasted metal finishes. The receiver is round in design, though boasts a nice milled-out face on the top and side, continuing the soft lines of the stock.

With a strong closed action, cartridges are ejected from a port on the side, although it is quite generous in dimensions.

Heym SR21 Montana Rifle Review

Unlike rifles such as the Tikka, it is possible to fit your pinky inside to check if a cartridge is still in the chamber. Drilled and tapped, it will accept most bases. The bolt release is found on the left-hand side, very much in the same fashion as a Sako.

When we get to the recoil lug, the same bugbear that I have mentioned time and again rears its head. Although not immediately obvious with the rifle assembled, the recoil system is a jammed washer design like a Remington.This German manufacturer makes some fine double rifles, but of most interest to we Brits are their two bolt-action models, the conventional SR21 turn-bolt and the SR30 straight-pull.

Staffer Jules Whicker owns Heyms and swears by them and I have always wanted to try both models. Well, after 5-years of asking, the importers they finally sent me something; well it is the British gun trade, best not to be too hasty! I was expecting a sporter and would have been very happy with it, but what turned up was a bit special and different and for that matter more welcome in the form of their SR21 Precision Repetierer repeater GRS. I have the same model on my 6. Chambered in Remington, it looked to be perfect for longer range foxing and varmints.

The metal is superbly struck off and the bluing of high quality. The action shows a large, traditional recoil lug and the stock has been both pillar and synthetic bedded for improved performance.

The enclosed bolt face shows a plunger-type ejector, which powers the empties out! Eventually I found some images of what looked like hammer forging machines, so I conclude they are of this process.

Whatever, as the accuracy test will indicate, they have done a great job, as the SR21 Precision Repetierer certainly lives up to its name. However, I did find the profile a tad slim, as it heated up very quickly, which was not helped by a moderator. So much so that testing it with six brands of ammo took some time, with numerous cooling off periods required.

The single stage trigger is fully adjustable via Allen screws and this example broke at a pleasing 2 lbs, so suited me nicely. The steel blade is deeply curved and sits at the rear of the guard.

Feed is from a single column, 3-round in standard calibres magazine, the slotted release catch is on the right side of the well and a firm press cleanly ejects the clip by a small spring.

Heym offer higher capacity units if required. A pleasant surprise was the rifle came fitted with a Leica Magnus 2. It also has a BDC-style reticle and a good choice for a gun with so much accuracy potential, combined with the flat-shooting abilities of the calibre. I admit to having mixed views on the Remington. These days the is in the same slot as the Remington, classic calibres that still do the business but a bit dated and less people seem interested.

Everything shot well; with the worst, if you could call it that, being the 55 PPU, which stepped out to. However, individual velocities and energy figures were quite interesting. If we assume a yard zero for this powerful 22 cartridge, the grain load does not step outside 0. The heavy Hornady 60 SP has a more curved trajectory, though is inside 1. The PPU as the slowest, still shoots inside 1. Taking the fastest grain load, the Winchester BST, it keeps it inside 0.

The choice is yours but remember the fastest and flattest loads will be the worst barrel burners, but the is a quick cartridge regardless and built for a purpose. Load and bore economy can be achieved by reduced loads and as is clearly shown by the PPU grain soft tip, as it aces a comparable Rem by at least fps.

Ballistics aside, the Heym SR21 Precision Repetierer GRS is one hell of a rifle; accurate, well made and finished with one of the slickest actions I have encountered, along with a superior trigger. In Remington it probably gives the best performance of any non Wildcat. Buying a Gun or Accessory, Choose from 's of items for sale Something special I was expecting a sporter and would have been very happy with it, but what turned up was a bit special and different and for that matter more welcome in the form of their SR21 Precision Repetierer repeater GRS.

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