Aurobindo pharma supply chain management

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Abstract The main objective of the study was to assess factors affecting the effectiveness of supply chain management practices in Kenyan public sector case of Ministry of Finance with the aim of assessing the effect of supplier relationship on the effectiveness of supply chain management practices.

Questionnaires were used for data collection and descriptive statistics data analysis method was applied to analyze data aided by Statistical Package for Social Sciences. The study identified that lack of supplier relationship management strategies lowered the effectiveness of supply chain management functions. The study recommended application of supplier collaboration strategies.

It is a mirror image of customer relationship management. Just as a company needs to develop relationships with its customers, it needs to foster relationships with its suppliers to ensure quality goods and services, timely and assured deliveries and information flow to assist both organizations in planning.

At the strategic level, the output of the process is an understanding of the levels of relationships the firm will maintain, and the process for segmenting the suppliers and working with them to develop appropriate relationships.

Once the process team determines the criteria for categorization of suppliers and the levels of customization, the operational supplier relationship management process develops and manages the relationship. Relationships can take the form of supplier captive or buyer captive.

Supplier applies when the supplier has less chances of changing the buyer either because of the supplier having invested a lot of resources to produce a particular product to a given firm and hence moving will be a loss, a case where a supplier has only one or a few clients to deliver to.

Buyer captive arises when the buyer has one source to buy from such as when there is only one supplier or manufacturer of product. In both cases, relationships should be a win-win to both for both firms to reduce costs and share profits. DOI: The ministry of finance was ranked 7th in performance, according to the performance contracting secretariat report.

As a strategic ministry in charge of financial policy formulation and implementation in public sector, the ministry was supposed to do better. A case in point is the De La Rue currency printing sager. When a new government was formed inthe then minister for finance cancelled an exclusive year contracts to print Kenyan bank notes because it was allegedly hurriedly awarded. Instead, CBK floated an international tender for printing of million units of new generation currency. The competitive bidding process could not succeed since De La Rue had already established a long working relationship with the CBK.

Many financial experts, more especially in the private sector felt that the contract was skewed towards De La Rue. The matter is a subject to investigation by the public accounts committee.


It casts aspersions on the supply chain efficacy of the ministry. In spite of having many SCM studies undertaken by Goldstein[29], Harmon[31], Harrison[32], Peters[15], Martin[24], Edward[45] and Clerk[13], none of the studies have drawn much emphasis on how public sector organizations should improve the effectiveness of the supply chain management practices.

Hence this has created a knowledge gap amongst procurement and logistics practitioners in public sector organizations. SRM is about developing two-way, mutually beneficial relationships with your most strategic supply partners that deliver greater levels of innovation and competitive advantage than could be achieved by operating independently.

Peters [55] argued that SRM managers should be responsible for managing no more than three supplier relationships, in order to devote sufficient time to each. Staff involved in SRM activities will have a good combination of commercial, technical and interpersonal skills.Suzlon is among the most vertically integrated wind turbine makers in the world, with manufacturing capabilities for all key components of a wind turbine generator. While a wind turbine consists of various components, Suzlon is one of the few players in the market that has manufacturing facilities for most components of a wind turbine.

This ensures consistency and reliability of the turbine. With production facilities in India and China, Suzlon has the wherewithal to cater to global markets.

Suzlon ensures that it has manufacturing capabilities for almost all the constituents of a wind turbine in-house like blades, nacelles, control panels, hubs, and tubular towers. The company currently employs over 4, people worldwide with a capacity to manufacture 4, MW annually.

Its state-of-the-art equipment combined with experienced technical resources ensures that the various components manufactured meet all standards of quality. Compliance with all standard technical and regulatory norms is adhered to during the manufacturing process. This ensures that the process functions independently of any particular aspect of the operation.

Each function complements the other and hence proves to be an advantage as timelines of service delivery are always fulfilled. There is no time lag due to delay in delivery by a particular function, which ensures profitability for the customer. The functions of the supply chain are either carried out in-house or outsourced to vendors.

Suzlon aims at consistency in practices and quality in products, both of which are ensured through a rigorous vendor development process. All vendors and subsidiaries are required to meet the quality standards, strategic goals and vision of the organisation. They are carefully screened and analysed on numerous criteria related to materials, processes, quality and environment by a dedicated unit that comprises members of senior management, among other experts.

List of Authorized Distributors

Vendors are also required and recommended to obtain industry certifications to verify their practices including:. Benefits of Vertically Integrated Manufacturing. View our Manufacturing Footprint. Rotor Blades. Supply chain management.The company is making its Engility clinical trial management system available to trials on developing tests, treatments and vaccines for the virus.

Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc.

The pharmaceutical supplier says companies need to do everything in their power to keep the supply chain moving smoothly in the face of COVID Content provided by Federal Equipment Company. Companies that want to recover their investment in equipment assets are better positioned if they have a comprehensive plan in place before the surplus is evident.

The software company is offering institutions no-cost access to its registry clinical trial disclosure reporting application. Content provided by Advarra. Emerging infectious diseases are part of the reality of a globalized civilization.

The federal agency continues to take action and make announcements centered on nationwide efforts to combat the virus causing the global pandemic. Free newsletter Subscribe Sign up to our free newsletter and get the latest news sent direct to your inbox.

aurobindo pharma supply chain management

Content provided by Federal Equipment Company Investment Recovery: Partnering for Surplus Asset Management Companies that want to recover their investment in equipment assets are better positioned if they have a comprehensive plan in place before the surplus is evident. TrialAssure offers academics free trial reporting tool The software company is offering institutions no-cost access to its registry clinical trial disclosure reporting application.

FDA COVID response roundup The federal agency continues to take action and make announcements centered on nationwide efforts to combat the virus causing the global pandemic. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Tip a friend. And What Comes Next? Free newsletter sign up Free newsletter Subscribe Sign up to our free newsletter and get the latest news sent direct to your inbox.The group has proven regulatory expertise, technology and know-how for speciality formulations. Aurobindo Pharma has a global network and customer centric approach.

Aurobindo Pharma was started in by a highly committed group of professionals. A humble beginning with one manufacturing plant in has now grown into a large company with 26 manufacturing plants covering 4 million Sq. Auro Pharma Inc. With strengths of robust manufacturing capabilities, efficient supply chain management, focus on developing and supplying wide range of generic products, Auro Pharma offers a distinct advantage to customers. There are several more dossiers under Health Canada review.

Auro Pharma has plans to develop and submit many more product dossiers, offering a larger basket of generic products by To become a valued supplier and partner in Canada by offering a wide range of generic pharmaceutical products. Our core values of collaboration and efficient supply chain management will continue to make us a reliable partner. Customer Service Medical Enquiries Vision "To become one amongst the top 5 generic pharmaceutical companies in Canada by Commitment Our core values of collaboration and efficient supply chain management will continue to make us a reliable partner.

Compliance Disability Act.As a truly integrated company, we assure continuity and quality from start to finish.

Additionally, we have successfully integrated capabilities with capacities to deliver a large product portfolio spanning across varied therapeutic categories. Our ability to leverage highly efficient manufacturing and cost-effective processes to deliver medicines that sustain and enhance lives ensures a continuity where each function in the chain is unbroken. This function through each step of the process ensures AuroControl from start to finish; producing quality and value to our customers through vertical integration.

AuroControl offers expertise and seamless management across all critical functions in pharmaceutical manufacturing, ensuring unmatched quality, value and breadth of line for our customers. This has led to a robust portfolio of more than API products that have been commercialized. Since then, Aurobindo has lead the way in its experience and expertise, developing molecules across various product categories like anti-infectives, peptides, biosimilars, vaccines, polymers, and other complex APIs.

Aurobindo followed a natural progression from API production into the development of finished dosage forms, and was able to leverage their core expertise enabling AuroControl from start to finish.

SAP Supply Chain Integrity Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

In essence, Aurobindo has grown exponentially from both a market, as well as a portfolio standpoint. Aurobindo prides itself on strong scientific principles, unmatched regulatory expertise and a strong set of core values enabling the company to achieve extraordinary results.

Aurobindo Pharma USA has an extensive product portfolio comprised of over product families. Our product portfolio continues to evolve across different categories, from the typical oral solid products to topicals, injectables, ophthalmics, inhalations, and transdermals.

In fact, Aurobindo recently opened a 40, sq. From formulation and clinical research, to manufacturing and commercialization, Aurobindo exerts AuroControl over the entire process workflow with a consistent focus on quality, affordability, breadth of portfolio, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

In this way, Aurobindo is well positioned to continue to deliver consistent growth and value to our customers and partners. Furthermore, we are able to ensure our commitment to enhancing the lives of our diverse patient population.

Ever increasing customer needs require continuous expansion of our operations in order to meet that demand. Such elasticity in production can only be achieved through AuroControl over every part of the supply chain.

Additionally, this control allows for adaptability in site and production variations where otherwise it would be difficult.

aurobindo pharma supply chain management

Specifically, Aurobindo recently decided to expand into sterile manufacturing for injectables, ophthalmics, and inhalations. Through AuroMedics, our injectable business, Aurobindo plans to commercialize complex injectables, including depot injections, microspheres, and nanotechnology based products.Some features may not be available from your current location.

Please Enable Cookies to Continue. Returning Candidate? Log back in! Welcome To Our Career Section! Here you can view our current career opportunities, apply for career opportunities, meet some of our current employees, learn more about Aurobindo the company and find out about the recruiting process at Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc.

Aurobindo Pharma USA, Inc.

Or, if you prefer, you can simply submit your resume for general consideration. Our Employees Are Our Greatest Strength Imagine being a part of a team committed to helping people lead a healthier life. Aurobindo is always on the lookout for talented and qualified people to join our team.

We offer challenging careers and opportunities for professional growth; whether you are fresh out of college or a seasoned professional we are looking for good people like you! You can view all open positions or use the following search form to find jobs that suit your specific career interests. All agencies must have a fully executed signed vendor agreement on file. Aurobindo will not pay a fee to an agency in the event that a candidate is hired for a position as a result of an unsolicited agency or search firm referral.

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Directions in Pharmacy. Generic Supplements. Health-System Edition. OTC Guide. Pharmacy Careers. Pharmacy Times. Career Ladder. The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits. Specialty Pharmacy Times. Industry Guide. Conference Coverage. Student Voices. Aurobindo Pharma USA. Aurobindo Pharma USA delivers a broad line of generic pharmaceuticals, leveraging vertical integration and efficient controlled processes to ensure value to our customers and high quality medicines to health care professionals and patients throughout the United States.

Our products span therapeutic categories, including anti-vials, cardiovascularpain managementdiabetesand cephalosporins. Aurobindo is a broad line generic provider, with products that reflect the proprietary marketplace.

aurobindo pharma supply chain management

By controlling each of the five processes active pharmaceutical ingredient APIformulation, manufacturing, packaging and distribution, Aurobindo assures continuity and quality from start to finish.


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